Searching for the best fast casual pizza franchise? Learn why some are better investments than others, and what to look for when choosing.

Pizza for the Win

Pizza restaurants in the U.S. generated around $45.6 billion in sales in 2021, and perhaps due to the pandemic and other factors, consumer spending on carry-out pizza has also grown significantly over the past few years.

There are many reasons to invest in a pizza franchise for sale. As one of American diners’ favorite and most regularly enjoyed foods, pizza will always be a hot commodity. That is perhaps why there are an increasing number of options for hungry entrepreneurs to consider when looking for the best fast casual pizza franchise to own, with more and more brands offering their own unique take on the beloved food. And while the choices may seem overwhelming, there are some qualities that should be at the top of every prospective investor’s list.


The main things the best pizza franchises should all have in common is simple: delicious pizza. From there, it can become a matter of personal preference, business goals, investment capabilities, and more. As the prospective franchisee, it is up to you to determine what matters most in an investment opportunity, both for the short and long-term.

The initial investment will likely play a large part in your decision-making process, both how much you’re being asked to spend and what that sum will cover in terms of the franchising program. Not all of the more expensive franchises are worth their weight in gold, and many less expensive franchises offer more bang for your buck.

Overall, franchises have a higher success rate than independent businesses, making them a lower risk investment at any level. And pizza isn’t a trending food but an American staple meaning that with the right business model, customers could be lining up for years to come.


Equally as important as the overall industry growth potential of the industry you’re considering (as we’ve established, pizza isn’t going anywhere) is the potential in your local area. What may be up-and-coming or needed in one neighborhood might be oversaturated in another. Many franchisors will provide you with the industry market research for your area, but don’t rely on their information alone. Do your own research to find out what type of fast casual pizza franchise your community is craving and how you can be the one to bring it to them.

Ongoing growth in terms of number of overall franchise units shows that a brand is thriving. However, some brands with the greatest number of units offer fewer territorial protections for their franchisees, which means you may find yourself competing with a fellow franchisee just a couple blocks away. Brands that grow at a measured, intentional pace show that while amassing consumer awareness is important, the potential for each individual location to excel is top priority.

Training & Support

Whatever your investment level may be, it is essential that you partner with a brand that doesn’t stop at simply letting you use their name to build your business. Some larger brands offer less ongoing support because they believe that their reputation alone is enough to justify your investment. But other brands recognize that the success of the overall company is dependent upon each franchisee, and therefore makes an ongoing commitment to be as available and involved as needed, through Opening Day and beyond.

Franchising since 2008, Your Pie has learned the best methods and techniques to impart to all of our owners to help them run the most successful restaurants possible. Our franchisees benefit from a tight-knit network of industry experts and fellow owners to receive ongoing support in all aspects of the business.

Earning Potential

While some franchisors provide average earnings information in their Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), these figures are often difficult to fully nail down. It’s best to come up with your own estimates by speaking with other franchisees and making educated guesses after examining previous years’ financial statements. Current franchisees’ level of satisfaction, the proliferation of the brand, and various locations’ lasting power all points to potential future profitability for you.

Find the Right Home with Your Pie

Even if a franchise meets all of the “good on paper” criteria, perhaps the most important question to ask yourself is: Will it be a good fit for me? Keep in mind your personal goals, what you hope to establish in terms of a work/life balance, what your background or previous experience brings to the table, and whether or not the brand you’re considering has values and a mission that aligns with your own.

As the nation’s first fast casual brick oven pizza franchise, Your Pie is committed to working with franchisees from all backgrounds to make sure you fall in love with our unique approach to the pizza business. If you would like to learn more about franchising opportunities with Your Pie, contact us today.