Franchises for Women: Benefits Female-Friendly Franchises Offer

Interested in becoming a female business owner? Learn what the best franchises for women offer, so you know what to look for when choosing.

The Impact of Women

Women account for 31 percent of all small business or franchise owners across the United States. 62 percent of them cite their businesses as their primary source of income, and women-owned businesses generate $1.8 trillion in revenue annually.

As the percentage of female business owners continues to grow, franchisors are taking notice of their massive economic impact and directing more of their recruitment efforts toward attracting women.

Franchises provide women entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to balance a successful career with a fulfilling personal life. The right franchise allows women to apply their skills and passions while connecting meaningfully with their community and attaining professional and professional success.

A Perfect Combination

Over the past decade, women have been increasingly drawn to franchising for a multitude of reasons, not least of which being the ability to be one’s own boss, retire from the corporate rat race, and make an impact in sectors they find both professionally and personally fulfilling.

Today, 29 percent of all franchises are solely women-owned, and 32 percent of franchises opened in the last two years are led by women. Beyond those numbers, female franchisees tend to report higher satisfaction and rate their franchise company higher than their male counterparts, particularly in areas of leadership and senior management.

Even as the pandemic may have slowed the rate of business start-ups in some markets, women’s naturally adaptive and problem-solving abilities have them on course to take on even more ownership roles in the years ahead.

Food & Beverage

An industry once dominated by men, the food and drink sector has seen a rise in the involvement not just of female chefs and beverage directors, but of restaurant and bar franchise owners. Roughly half (43.7 percent) of all U.S. restaurants are owned by women, many of which are franchise establishments.

Women thrive in the food world for their ability to multi-task, delegate responsibilities, and work well under pressure. But while the restaurant market is vast, it is a less stable industry for franchise owners, as this past year has shown us.

Working with the right franchise that values and encourages a woman’s entrepreneurial endeavors should be at the forefront of every ambitious businessperson’s endeavor.

Among other industries, women are wildly successful in the QSR world, a market that is designed around providing hospitality, excellent products and services, and enriching people’s lives. As it turns out, women are uniquely qualified to succeed in an industry that puts their leadership and communication skills at the forefront. Franchises for women don’t exclusively staff females, but they value the unique qualities that each individual brings to the table that contributes toward a winning team.

For women seeking the best franchise opportunities, flexibility, training, and ongoing support are huge selling points. As a leader, it is important that you match with a franchise that shares your values and can offer you leadership and growth potential.

Take time to judge every franchise opportunity, ask all the questions, and assess what you can bring to the brand and how it can add value to YOUR life.

The Your Pie Story

Your Pie was founded back in 2006 on a honeymoon trip to Ischia, Italy, when Drew French fell in love with his wife’s family roots and, more importantly—FOOD. French brought the collaborative, hands-on pizza practices back to the U.S. and the rest is history.

To this day, Your Pie prides itself on a warm, communal dining experience fueled by authenticity and hand-crafted awesomeness. Our passion for elevating communities by changing the way people experience pizza can be seen and tasted in each of our locations.

To learn more about Your Pie, explore your franchise opportunities.