About Us

The Your Pie Story

In 2006, Drew French was visiting his wife’s family in Ischia, a small volcanic island located 19 miles from the city of Naples, Italy. It was there that he fell in love with the region’s use of brick ovens and the perfectly-crisp doughs and smoky, earthy flavors that came out of it. And it was there that he learned how enjoying a fresh, homemade meal with friends and family can oftentimes be the most important ingredient in any dish. Inspired, French took the humbling experience home with him, and once his feet were planted back on American soil, he put himself to work. Two years later, Your Pie was born.

Just like in Italy, food and family come first at Your Pie. Their passion for improving their communities by changing the way people experience pizza can be seen and tasted: Doughs are always hand-tossed and made from scratch, and they celebrate the importance of customization using only the freshest ingredients.

At Your Pie, the perfect pizza is an art, not a science. We invite you to experience for yourselves the difference craftsmanship and a deep passion for tradition can make.

The Your Pie Family!

When Your Pie opened its doors for the first time in 2008 in Athens, Georgia, Founder Drew French did so with a key mission—do every small thing with passion and greatness. These words would guide the company in the years to come, driving their pursuit to develop a culture that anyone would want to be a part of. That’s why it’s the Your Pie mission to be a globally admired brand by creating a culture that improves the lives of the Your Pie family—one that’s revered for its dedication to quality, craftsmanship and inviting culture. Your Pie strives to anchor this mission with six core values:

Food First

We take pride in hand crafting the best pizza, chopped salads, panini, gelato, craft beer and wine, and other items that we may come up with in the kitchen. We will never sacrifice quality for short term gain. Over the long term, any success we have will be a by-product of thinking food first.

Team Member Experience

Recruit, hire, train, and develop your team the Your Pie way. Create an environment where the team member can become and create Your Pie Enthusiasts.

Customer Experience

Create an experience for our customer that fosters long term relationships. If every decision you make increases the chance of creating a Your Pie enthusiast, then long term and sustainable success will be achieved.

Embrace Innovation

We didn’t become the original fast casual pizza experience by not being innovative. Never stop learning, improving, listening, and growing. Without innovation, we will cease to exist.


Support your community. Our community is our family, friends, and customer base. Success is only achieved if we are leaders in our community.


Spread the mission. Your Pie does great things for the Your Pie Family. We want to grow the Your Pie Family. We must foster relationships in order to successfully complete our mission.