Why Customizing Your Pizza Franchise Matters

Not all franchises have to be cookie cutter copies. Customizing your pizza franchise can add identity to your unique location. Learn how you can customize your franchise!

Set The Scene

Diners’ appreciation for customization extends beyond the menu. A customer’s experience with your restaurant begins the second they walk through the doors. The manner in which you arrange and decorate your store speaks volumes about what you have to offer. With over 78,000 pizza restaurants operating in the United States, it’s essential to distinguish your spot from the pack, not just to entice customers, but to maintain and communicate your message.

Floor Plan & Layout

Various elements factor in to ensure your customers’ positive dining experience. Beyond the food and service, the layout of your restaurant should facilitate a natural flow. The concept and theme of your restaurant will necessarily dictate the layout of your space; fine dining restaurants aim for extended seatings, while fast casual restaurants require a setup that facilitates a quicker pace.

The layout of a Your Pie restaurant is designed to accommodate a symbiotic flow between the customers and pizza makers. Customers are able to see all the fresh ingredients and watch as their pizzas are constructed and then passed into our wood-burning brick ovens, the central hearths of our restaurants. The process of being able to participate in the entire pizza-making process is one aspect of what makes a Your Pie restaurant so unforgettable.

Include Some Local Flavor

While all restaurants within a franchise system will share some fundamental design elements across the board, one way to customize your own space is to add some local flair. By featuring work from local artists or regionally characteristic design elements, you are finding special ways to engage with your community and display a sense of hometown pride. Furthermore, an “Instagram-worthy” mural or custom sign can attract new customers who learn about your restaurant through social media postings.

Haven’t You Heard?

An often-overlooked tool for restaurant customization is the music you choose to play through your space. While diners may not consciously notice what is coming through the speakers, the right music has the ability to set a mood. For a fast casual pizza restaurant, music with an up-tempo and energetic melody matches a bright and fun environment.

Make It Your Own With Your Pie

When you seek pizza franchises for sale in Tennessee with Your Pie, you are partnering with a brand that places the highest value on customization, from our fresh, hand-made pizzas to the shape and style of each of our locations. Though every Your Pie may look a little different, all of them share the same warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Community-centric layouts set the scene for diners to relax and share a delicious meal with family and friends. Centered around the hearth of our signature brick oven and designed to blend our Italian heritage with the eclectic vibe of our Athens GA hometown, the Your Pie brand package mixes industrial elements with reclaimed wood and vintage tile. Your Pie locations are targeted for 2,400 square feet with a preferred patio element, providing ample space for diners and staff to interact and enjoy their experience with us.

Your Pie assists franchisees find the perfect spot for their new restaurant, taking into account various elements of the local market and lessons we’ve learned from both competitors and other franchise locations within our brand. While each Your Pie restaurant may share some common elements, franchisees are encouraged to make the space their own, in turn allowing each Your Pie to best represent the communities they serve.

To learn more about franchising with Your Pie, contact us.