Sandwich Franchise vs. Pizza Franchise: Which Is the Better Buy

Interested in opening a sandwich franchise? Learn how it compares to a pizza franchise, so you can decide which is the smarter investment for you.


When it comes to owning a restaurant, what is the best cuisine to offer? Sandwiches are one of the most popular foods across the globe, and research conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reveals that 47 percent of adult U.S. diners prefer eating sandwiches on any type of occasion. The demand for sandwiches bypasses other categories and remains high despite changing trends or economic forecasts. A sandwich franchise provides owners the ability to cater to their customers’ cravings while building a business with a classic, recession-resistant model.

On the other hand, pizza is also one of the world’s most popular foods, with 40 percent of Americans eating pizza at least once a week. When done well, the pizza topping options are endless, allowing for crave-worthy customization capabilities to keep customers happy and franchise owners busy.


If you are an entrepreneur with dreams to enter the restaurant world, buying a sandwich franchise is a simple, affordable option. The average restaurant’s profit margin ranges between zero to 15 percent, with the most common averages ranging between three to five percent. Like with any new business, there are no shortcuts or guarantees for success. Since sandwich franchises are so prevalent, it is essential that if you choose this path, you partner with a brand that stands out from the competition both within your own community and on a broader scale.

While many industries suffered during 2020, the pizza market gained steam, seeing its popularity and sales exploding during a time when people were seeking familiar yet exciting food sources.

For most of 2020 and the first half of 2021, government shutdowns, business closures, and stay-at-home mandates negatively impacted the overall restaurant industry. As a whole, it suffered greatly during the pandemic, resulting in nearly $200 billion in losses and more than 69,000 closures nationwide. Business models that relied on foot traffic and commuter culture were hit especially hard.

However, the $46 billion global pizza industry saw only a fraction of the losses while gaining over 2,000 new pizza stores pop up across the nation during the pandemic, thanks in some part to its adaptable business model.

Both sandwich franchises and pizza franchises can provide affordable investment opportunities for new and seasoned entrepreneurs. However, the biggest differences lay in the potential to match with a winning concept and brand that will provide you long-term sustainability and success.


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