It seems like every pizza place has an app now. What makes pizza apps so important and why should you make sure your pizza franchise has one?

A New Way To Pizza

Pizza has long been one of America’s favorite foods to order via takeout or delivery. We’ve been doing so over the phone for decades, but now third-party delivery apps have helped us order our meals with even more convenience. For pizza franchises who want to take it one step further and build an interactive, ongoing relationship with their customers, proprietary pizza apps are a great way to amplify business.

Improving the Customer Experience

Mobile apps offer customers more flexibility than ever before, making the ordering process easier, reducing wait times, and allowing them to keep track of their favorite menu items and previous orders. Diners are likely to spend more through mobile ordering, as they have more time to make their selections. Pizza apps also improve the efficiency at the restaurant, reducing human error and improving order accuracy and guest satisfaction. Also, hosts and servers spend less time fielding phone calls, which frees them up to focus their attention on dine-in customers.

Fostering Loyalty

Branded pizza apps can offer special functions and access to things like loyalty programs, special promotions, and more. You can reward customers for ordering via the mobile app, fostering continued engagement, and higher spends.

Nowadays, many customers prefer to place their orders on their mobile devices, so a pizza app will help your restaurant rate higher on various ranking sites. A seamless, positive mobile experience will increase interest in your business. You can further reward customers for providing positive reviews and critical feedback when there is an issue with their dining experience that needs to be rectified.

Increased Engagement

With a branded pizza app, guests have the ability to update and customize their dining preferences with everything from favorite menu items to preferred tables when making dine-in reservations. Meanwhile, you will also be able to keep track of these preferences and other tools for engagement, including celebrating birthdays or providing information about other franchise locations when an app user is traveling out of town.

Beyond the basics of menu details, hours of operation, location information and ordering capabilities, linking your app to social media can help you further engage with customers. Making it a simple experience will encourage diners to share their experience with your restaurant, driving more interest.

Reaching Out

A pizza app will redefine the way you communicate with your customers. In terms of marketing, traditional channels like print ads and TV spots are far less cost effective than digital options. And when it comes to emails and SMS, you can’t be sure you’re reaching your intended targets or if your messages have been sent directly to the spam folder.

Mobile apps ensure that you are reaching your customers directly. Push notifications cost far less than other forms of marketing and are less likely to be ignored than generic, overly frequent messaging.

A mobile app provides an ongoing connection between your restaurant and your customers, establishing a sustained impression of your brand.

Stay Connected With Your Pie

Your Pie’s pizza app has all the functions and extra features you could ever want from a restaurant mobile app. Beyond basic features, Your Pie Rewards Members receive points that go toward earning free pizzas and other benefits. The app helps customers stay in the know and receive special treats along the way.

At Your Pie, we have always prided ourselves on providing our guests with a personalized dining experience, and our pizza app is no different. For hungry entrepreneurs seeking to partner with a brand that prioritizes excellence in everything from our handmade pizzas to our mobile app, explore your franchise opportunity today.