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Your Passion, Our Pizza
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Over 65 restaurant locations across 16 states and counting.

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Several new locations currently in development.

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Rated one of the best values in Franchising by QSR Magazine.

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Authentic, Italian-inspired, brick-oven pizza and craft beer.

Pizza Franchises for Sale in Minnesota

Pizza franchises for sale in Minnesota have a promising market in a state characterized by a population known for its diverse tastes and appreciation for quality food. With a steadily growing population and a robust pizza industry featuring a mix of local favorites and national chains, franchise opportunities in the state offer potential for success. Minnesota's strong GDP and supportive business environment further enhance the prospects for entrepreneurs entering the food and beverage sector. Residents' expectations for food and beverage options are high, reflecting a culture that values quality and variety. Although Minnesota may not have the same reputation for "southern hospitality" as other regions, its welcoming atmosphere fosters a conducive environment for business growth. Tertiary markets such as Rochester, Duluth, and St. Cloud present promising opportunities for opening a pizza franchise, offering thriving communities hungry for new dining experiences.

There are only a few dishes that have been able to revolutionize the American restaurant industry as much as pizzas. Since this meal crossed our borders, it has left a powerful impact that is felt across all parts of the country. Today, pizzas remain one of the most loved meals, with many people sharing a hot box alone, or with friends and families as they wind down from their day.

Since 2008, our goal at Your Pie Pizza has been to help more people see the beauty of this dish by expanding our collection of restaurants across the country. Today, with over 70 locations in 16 states, and a one-of-a-kind brick oven pizza, we continue to achieve immense growth. However, the journey is just beginning.

To help us continue this journey, our team is happy to announce that we are opening our doors to pizza-passionate entrepreneurs that have been on the lookout for pizza franchise opportunities in Minnesota. By becoming a member of our franchising family, you will get to enjoy the benefits of a rock-solid business model, instant brand recognition, and powerful pillars of success that will keep your restaurant standing where various others have fallen.

With a unique aesthetic, and a signature pizza style, Your Pie Pizza also continues to stand out as America's first fast-casual pizza restaurant, and our reputation for delivering excellent service means that you will never have to break a sweat about having customers.

So, if you have been searching for pizza franchises for sale in Minnesota markets, such as Minneapolis, Bloomington, Saint Paul, and various other locations, then there is no better place to be than here at Your Pie Pizza. Inquire today about our restaurant franchise opportunities to hit the ground running and start your journey toward becoming one of our esteemed franchisees.

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Your Pie Pizza Franchise


Take a look at our restaurant business franchise model to learn about how franchising works!

YourPie Fanchising Model in Minnesota

Getting Started

The first step towards joining our family at Your Pie Pizza involves signing our franchisee agreement. Putting your signature on the dotted line will grant you the right to set up a new Your Pie Pizza restaurant in one of our Minnesota franchise opportunities.


Once you have signed our agreement, you can begin working with our development team to make your restaurant a reality. This industry-leading team will assist you with picking out a new location, staffing, and getting the correct permits from the city.


As your dev team works on planning and building your new restaurant franchise opportunities, you will receive training from our leadership and support team about our day-to-day operations. This coaching will help teach you all you need to know as one of our franchisees.

Soft Opening

Our three-day soft opening is a fantastic event that will give you and your employees a first taste of what running one of our restaurants means. This soft opening will also allow you to connect with your community by fundraising for a local charity.

Grand Opening

The grand opening is the day you officially get to cut the ribbon and get the keys to your new Your Pie Pizza. However, this does not mean that we will leave you in the lurch, so you will still have access to our support teams whenever you need them.

Our Passion For Pizza + People

We're committed to quality and the Your Pie Family.

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Benefits of Your Pie Pizza Franchise Opportunities

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Brand Recognition

One of the core benefits you will receive as one of our franchisees is that you will get to stand on our tall shoulders, allowing you to tower over your competition. Through the years, our team at Your Pie Pizza has worked on expanding and building our brand name. Today, with over 70 locations and a reputation as the first-casual pizza restaurant in the U.S., our brand is now one of the most popular restaurant franchise opportunities in the country. So, as one of our franchisees, you will get to lean on this brand recognition to achieve fast growth.

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Your Support Team

If you have been searching for restaurant franchise opportunities that provides an industry-leading support team to help you learn the ropes, we always suggest looking no further than Your Pie Pizza. From marketing to technology, this team has broad expertise in various areas that will help make your life as a franchisee much smoother. Our support team can also assist with public relations and further training if you need them. With our support team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that help is one phone call away.

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Growth Oppurtunities

At Your Pie Pizza, we believe there is always space for more, and this applies to both our customers and franchisees. With our one-of-a-kind franchising program, all our franchisees can apply to us for multi-unit ownership after successfully running one of our restaurants. By increasing your portfolio of restaurants, you can boost your revenue and grow your bottom line, making it easier to expand into more locations. Please reach out to us today if you would like to learn more about how our multi-unit ownership scheme works, and our pizza franchises for sale.

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Our Core Values

Our core values at Your Pie Pizza have remained the secret ingredient to our success. These guiding principles, which focus on quality food, putting people first, and playing a key role in the local community, have helped ensure that our restaurants continue to stand where many others have fallen. So, why miss out on this opportunity to join our amazing family of franchisees? Kickstart your Your Pie Pizza experience today by inquiring about our franchising program in Minnesota to join the best pizza franchise opportunities in the country.

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Successful Restaurant Models

Beyond our fantastic pizzas, one thing that makes all Your Pie Pizza restaurants stand out is their phenomenal design. By combining wood and brick, we have been able to craft a comfortable and cozy aesthetic that earned us the title of being America’s first fast-casual pizza restaurant. To take things up a notch, we also welcome all franchisees to add a touch of local art and designs from their community to enrich their Minnesota franchise opportunities. So, depending on your location, this may include a painting of Minnehaha Falls or artwork that depicts Lake Monroe.

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Exceptional Brick Oven Pizza

It is not an understatement to say that Your Pie Pizza won’t be here without our exceptional brick oven pizzas. Through the years, this unique, crisp, smoky dish has continued to set the pace, bringing people from far and near to have a taste. Naturally, as a Your Pie Pizza franchisee, you will automatically be renowned for being the best pizza franchise opportunities in your community or market. That means that you never have to break a sweat or have sleepless nights about the competition or customers with this dish on your menu.

From my experience as the Vice President of Franchise Development at Your Pie Pizza, the paramount consideration in franchising isn’t solely about profitability—it’s aligning passion with our brand’s mission. The most successful franchisees are those who not only understand our business model, but wholeheartedly embrace the Your Pie culture, fostering a unique, enjoyable pizza experience for every customer.

– Ken Caldwell, Vice President of Franchise Development

When my partner, Doug, and I found Your Pie, we immediately liked the team. They really care and want to grow the people that work for them, so it’s really rewarding to share those successes as a team. We’ve been in the restaurant industry for more than 40 years now and found the key to a successful franchise is providing customer satisfaction with great service and quality products. If you’re thinking of starting a franchise, Your Pie makes it easy with the family-friendly concept, great service, simple menus, and quality ingredients.

  • Dan Sacco
Dan  Sacco

Our Ideal Franchise Candidate

The central goal of our franchising program is to help forward-thinking, pizza-passionate entrepreneurs succeed in the restaurant business. If you are an ideal candidate and in the market for pizza franchises for sale, you can always be confident in the full backing of our support and leadership team from the moment you put ink on the dotted line and sign our franchise agreement.

However, we also understand that it is not always smooth sailing after your grand opening. Like any business, there are various complex parts of running pizza franchises for sale, and we do not expect you to always breeze past these challenges on your own. So, after opening your restaurant, you will still receive operational and marketing support from our team whenever you need it. That means that we will only ever be a phone call away if you hit any bumps along the road.

If you have been looking out for pizza franchises for sale that offer astonishing pizza, convincing support, and a chance for growth, then Your Pie Pizza is for you. We are always open to partnering with individuals and entrepreneurs who have a love for pizza and a desire to spread the wonders of this meal to various communities across the country. Don't let anything stop you from grabbing this opportunity. Hit the ground running by inquiring about our pizza franchise opportunities in Minnesota and begin your journey as one of our franchisees.

What to Consider Before Investing in a


While many restaurant franchise opportunities may look fantastic at first glance, we generally suggest taking a deep, long look before diving in. That is why one of our core suggestions before shaking hands with any franchisor is that you extensively research their background, ethical history, and credibility.

By exploring a franchisor's past, you can get a good sense of whether their restaurant franchise opportunities will be a worthy investment. As an illustration, our team at Your Pie Pizza only decided to branch out into the franchising model after we had created the industry-leading business model that has created more than 70 restaurants in 16 states.

Current and Future Costs

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs searching for new pizza franchise opportunities tend to place most of their focus on initial costs, such as the franchise agreement. However, you must remember that running a restaurant is an endless marathon, not a sprint, and several recurring bills go into keeping the lights on. So, before you sign on with a franchisor, we suggest asking as many questions as possible about the future costs of running one of their restaurants. You may also want to reach out to other franchisees to get a first-hand look at their major operating expenses.
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Brand Strategy

As a franchisee, it is crucial to understand that your restaurant and your franchisor's brand have an unbreakable link. Naturally, that means that if your partner has poor ethics or issues with gaining trust, you may find it too challenging to get customers through your doors. When exploring pizza franchise opportunities, you should always think deeply about your franchisor's brand and how easy it would be to get local community members to trust your restaurant. If you realize that this task may be too challenging, you may be better off looking at other opportunities. We also suggest exploring your franchisor's values to ensure they match your personal principles.
Your Pie Pizza Restaurant Franchise Opportunity Graphic

Brand's Legal and Financial History

There is no better way to gain insight into a franchisor than looking at their past. That is why we always recommend you explore any public records concerning your franchisor before signing on with them. If you notice a long history of public inquiries or lawsuits against them or their franchisees, finding different restaurant franchise opportunities may be better off in the long run. We also suggest looking into their financial history by asking them for their latest financial statements. Reviewing these files should help you determine whether the franchisor is financially healthy or on the verge of collapse.
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Marketing and Operational Support

One of the best benefits of purchasing pizza franchises for sale over starting on your own is that you can always lean on the support of their team if you ever hit rocky waters. However, many franchisors today offer little support and training to their franchisees and often leave them in the lurch to figure things out on their own. While some franchisees can navigate these rocky waters without help, many often crash and burn. To help ensure that you don't end up in this boat, we suggest asking your potential franchisor about the training, marketing, and operational support you will receive from them after signing up for pizza franchises for sale. If you discover they have a weak support system, you may be better off with a different franchisor.
Your Pie Pizza Restaurant Franchise Opportunity Graphic

Current Franchise Markets

Exploring how current franchisees are performing is often a good test of how successful you will be. So, before you sign a brand's franchise agreement, you may want to ask to meet current franchisees to gain a better understanding of their experience purchasing pizza franchises for sale. If most of their franchisees are happy with their earnings and the level of support they receive from their franchisor, then you will likely have no problems. However, if you discover that their franchisees are facing various challenges and issues that you may struggle to overcome, then looking for a different opportunity may be a better option.
Your Pie Pizza Restaurant Franchise Opportunity Graphic

Pizza Industry

Minnesota franchise opportunities are thriving, with a diverse range of local pizzerias and national chains competing for market share. Understanding the condition of the industry, including factors like consumer preferences, competition, and economic trends, is crucial before investing in a franchise opportunity to ensure sustainable success amidst this dynamic market landscape.
pizza industry

We chose Your Pie because of the family aspect, the product and the community. Your Pie already aligned with what my wife and I believed. They produce a superior product and value the community. They really care about giving. It means a lot to us to support the community while they support us.

Parker Swenson

Your Pie Pizza Franchise
Opportunities in Minnesota

Your Pie Pizza is presenting a unique opportunity to pizza-passionate entrepreneurs by offering pizza franchises for sale in our Minnesota growth markets. By joining hands with our one-of-a-kind franchise, you get to skip over the countless hurdles that come from starting a new restaurant on your own. Instead, you can lean on the expertise and experience of our support team as you boost to the finish line and surge past the competition.

Through the years, we have built a tremendously reputable brand as the first fast-casual pizza restaurant in the United States, with over 70 restaurants across the country. That means that none of our franchisees will ever struggle with popularity or getting customers through their doors. So, if you have been searching for the pizza franchises for sale in Minnesota and are a pizza-passionate entrepreneur, we encourage you to grab hold of this opportunity by inquiring about our franchising program.

If you are an ideal franchisee looking to invest in pizza franchises for sale, we will invite you for a discovery day where you will get to ask all the questions you have and sign our franchise agreement. We will also organize store visits to various restaurants and provide all the operations and business training you require to run your restaurant successfully.

Once your doors are open, our team at Your Pie Pizza will continue to support you through every step of the way by handling all organic digital marketing costs and implementing a top-notch SEO strategy that has a powerful track record of getting customers through all our doors. With our marketing team on your side, you should be able to hit the ground running and boost your sales in no time.

All our franchisees play a crucial role in their communities and contribute to various charities, schools, and fun events that help ensure that their restaurant is an integral part of their community. So, what are you waiting for? Join us at Your Pie Pizza today and experience life with America's best pizza franchise opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Minnesota Franchise Opportunities

  1. How much support will I receive?
    Our team exists to support you. When you sign your franchise agreement, you get so much more than a restaurant—you get a franchise family, and that’s exactly how you’ll be treated. Even after your store is open, we continue to provide marketing resources, operational guidance and more to help you achieve success. Plus, each store has its own Field Support Manager who serves as your dedicated, day-to-day problem solver. Learn more.
  2. How long does it take?
    As with any restaurant franchise, there are a variety of factors that can affect an opening timeline, including site selection, build-out, permitting, staffing and more. With that in mind, most stores average around nine months between signing the agreement and opening their doors. Looking to move a bit faster? We might have an existing location available for purchase in your area. Fill out our franchising form to learn more!
  3. How much does it cost?
    The total cost per unit varies by size and location, but we estimate start-up costs to be between $364,750 to $610,000. Financing can be secured through third-party lending sources. You can find a full investment breakdown here, and we’re always happy to answer any specific questions you may have.
  4. How much control will I have?
    For a franchise brand, it’s important to maintain consistency across locations to ensure that every guest enjoys the same high-quality experience, regardless of where they visit. Consistency also helps to support brand recognition, which benefits the entire franchise system. Each Your Pie restaurant will feature the same general layout, color schemes, equipment and menu; however, our team works closely with you to localize your store as much as possible. We work to strike a perfect balance between an established, national brand and a local favorite. This goes for outreach, too. As a core value at Your Pie, our franchisees share a passion for community involvement—but they have the freedom to decide exactly what that involvement looks like in their individual market.
  5. How much money can I make?
    Franchisees are provided with benefits associated with the overarching brand, which can include the brand’s marketing strategies and research on successful business procedures. At Your Pie, franchisees pay a 5% royalty fee in exchange for Your Pie’s knowledge and licensing and a 1% contribution to the brand’s advertising fund to support marketing efforts. When evaluating franchise opportunities, royalty fees are a great indication of how much of the profits a franchisee has to give up, and how much they can expect to keep.
  6. How do you find the right location?
    With more than 70 stores across 19 states, we have an established presence but plenty of room to grow. When it comes to selecting a location, Your Pie has pre-developed methods to help determine where our brand will be most successful. We use these tools and processes as a means of protecting your franchise investment and ensuring that your location will support a thriving business. Check out our available markets map, and fill out our franchise form to get in touch about a specific market.


FRANCHISE: Licenses offered by a company, called a franchisor, to a third party, called a franchisee, which allows them to use the company’s business procedures and trademarks to conduct business.

FRANCHISOR: A company or person that allows a third party the right to use their licenses in order to conduct business under the franchisor’s trademarks.

FRANCHISEE: An individual or company that operates a franchise under a trademark by selling goods or services.

FRANCHISE FEE: An initial payment a franchisee must pay to a franchisor in order to have the right to use their company trademarks. Does not includes additional fees associated with developing a franchise such as insurance, construction, and equipment.

ROYALTY FEE: Typically a percentage of gross sales, this is an ongoing fee paid by the franchisee to the franchisor usually monthly or quarterly.

FRANCHISE AGREEMENT: The official agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties.