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Your Passion, Our Pizza
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Over 70 restaurant locations across 16 states and counting.

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Several new locations currently in development.

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Rated one of the best values in Franchising by QSR Magazine.

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Authentic, Italian-inspired, brick-oven pizza and craft beer.

Restaurant Franchise Opportunity in New York

Looking for an exciting and successful pizza franchise opportunity in the vibrant New York market? Your search ends with Your Pie Pizza! With a presence in over 16 states and more than 70 restaurants, Your Pie Pizza is the pioneer of the fast-casual pizza concept and offers excellent franchise options to passionate entrepreneurs in the Empire State.

Our brand is built on five key pillars of success - Culture, Growth, Financial, Innovation, and Service, which have helped us create a strong brand recognition and establish our position in the highly competitive pizza industry. As a Your Pie Pizza franchisee, you'll have access to a proven business model, advanced technology, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

At Your Pie Pizza, we have revolutionized the pizza industry with our emphasis on customization and high-quality ingredients, making us the preferred choice for pizza lovers across the country. With the thriving pizza industry in New York, it presents an ideal market for Your Pie Pizza to make a significant impact.

We are currently targeting growth markets and cities throughout New York, providing franchisees with an opportunity to leverage the high demand for delicious, customizable pizza. As a Your Pie Pizza franchise owner, you'll enjoy the benefits of national recognition, robust support network, and extensive marketing efforts to help grow your business.

In summary, Your Pie Pizza is a perfect restaurant franchise opportunity for pizza-passionate entrepreneurs in New York. Our brand's core values, coupled with our proven business model, strong brand recognition, and the distinction of being the first-ever fast-casual pizza restaurant in the US, position you to achieve success in the flourishing pizza industry.

Our rapid growth is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences for our customers while fostering a positive and supportive culture for our franchisees. Don't miss out on the chance to join the Your Pie Pizza revolution in New York. Invest in a restaurant franchise with a proven track record of success and become a part of our growing family today!

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Your Pie Pizza Franchise


Take a look at our restaurant business franchise model to learn about how franchising works!

YourPie Fanchising Model in New York

Getting Started

We provide a straightforward restaurant franchising framework that comes with comprehensive support, guaranteeing a seamless journey as you set up your very own pizza restaurant after signing our franchise agreement.


After the franchise agreement, our dedicated development team will work with you to assist in site selection, construction, obtaining permits, staffing, and all other critical aspects involved in establishing your franchise.


Furthermore, franchisees will take part in Your Pie Pizza's all-inclusive training program, providing them with valuable practical knowledge in day-to-day operations at a well-established Your Pie restaurant location.

Soft Opening

Before the grand opening, the soft opening launch phase allows you to interact with the local community, fundraise for a neighborhood charity or other local initiative or cause, and fine-tune operations with your team and employees.

Grand Opening

Following the soft launch, Your Pie franchisees take charge of the operations while enjoying corporate support and marketing team direction for operational guidance, leading up to the official grand opening.

Our Passion For Pizza + People

We're committed to quality and the Your Pie Family.

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Benefits of Owning a Franchise

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Brand Recognition

Your Pie Pizza has established impressive brand recognition, setting itself apart from competitors in the pizza sector. As the first-ever fast-casual pizza concept in the US, Your Pie has positioned itself as a trailblazing and innovative pizza franchise. With a nationwide network of over 70 locations, Your Pie Pizza’s brand visibility is constantly expanding, providing franchisees with the advantage of a reputable and beloved brand that resonates with customers. By partnering with Your Pie Pizza, entrepreneurs can harness this brand awareness and capitalize on the company’s esteemed reputation for excellence and authenticity.

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Your Support Team

One of the significant benefits of teaming up with Your Pie Pizza is the access to the company’s dedicated franchise support team. Your Pie Pizza provides franchisees with a comprehensive support system that covers training, operations, marketing, PR, and technological aid. The experienced leadership team is committed to guaranteeing the success of new franchise owners at every stage of development. With continuous support from Your Pie Pizza’s franchise support team, franchisees can proficiently handle the complexities of business ownership and foster a prosperous and lucrative franchise.

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Growth Opportunities

Your Pie Pizza franchisees can look forward to an exciting opportunity for growth and expansion. The company empowers franchisees to broaden their horizons and operate multiple locations, enabling them to build a prosperous and thriving pizza empire. With its proven business model and focus on core principles, Your Pie Pizza is an attractive option for entrepreneurs keen on excelling in the pizza industry. Equipped with the assistance of the franchise support team and a reliable, well-established brand, Your Pie Pizza franchisees have the necessary resources to efficiently expand their business and achieve their goals.

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Our Core Values

Our core principles of people, quality, and community establish a solid foundation for franchisees who aspire to run a thriving and fulfilling enterprise. Franchisees can create a significant impact on their local community and cultivate a loyal customer base. Our focus on premium ingredients and authentic brick oven cooking allows franchisees to deliver a unique and delicious pizza experience that customers love. Partnering with a company that values its people, quality, and community can provide franchisees with a sense of purpose and fulfillment as they grow their business.

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Successful Restaurant Models

Your Pie Pizza’s flourishing restaurant model provides franchisees with a complete blueprint and design of contemporary architecture, while also allowing them to customize their store to reflect the local aesthetics.  The model is designed to enhance efficiency and reduce costs, enabling franchisees to focus on providing excellent customer service and high-quality cuisine. With a proven restaurant model, Your Pie Pizza franchisees can confidently establish a thriving and profitable venture with the guidance of the company’s skilled leadership team.

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Exceptional Brick Oven Pizza

Your Pie Pizza’s exceptional brick oven pizza offers a unique and mouth-watering option for customers, setting it apart from other pizza franchises.  As a Your Pie Pizza franchisee, you can provide customers with a personalized and customizable pizza experience, featuring top-quality ingredients and authentic brick oven preparation with Italian-inspired pizza. By prioritizing exceptional brick oven pizza and quality, Your Pie Pizza has established itself as a leader in the pizza industry, providing franchisees with a reliable and proven business model for success.

Our Ideal Franchise Candidate

Your Pie Pizza looks for individuals who have a passion for pizza and a willingness to learn and manage the complexities of business ownership in their search for the ideal franchise candidate. Common values include a love for pizza and community, prioritization of team members and customer experiences, innovation, and marketing. Furthermore, Your Pie Pizza values collaboration and teamwork, exceptional communication skills, and a leadership style that focuses on achieving results.

What to Consider Before


Before investing in any franchise opportunity, it is vital to conduct comprehensive research and understand the credibility and ethics of the enterprise. Your Pie Pizza has a proven business model and a strong brand strategy that aligns with its core principles. Moreover, the company provides ongoing operational and marketing support to help franchisees achieve success.

Current & Future Costs

When evaluating a franchise purchase, it is essential to understand both current and future expenses associated with the franchise. Although initial franchise costs are typically transparent, exploring and comprehending future costs may be more challenging. Prospective franchisees can ask questions during discovery day, a meeting usually held with the franchise support team to gain further insights about the company and the franchise opportunity. Additionally, connecting with other franchisees can provide valuable perspectives on the costs associated with franchise ownership. By understanding both current and future expenses, potential franchisees can make well-informed decisions about the franchise opportunity, ensuring it aligns with their financial objectives and expectations.
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Brand Strategy

When considering purchasing a franchise, it is crucial to investigate the brand's strategy to ensure that it aligns with your personal values and objectives. One way to do this is by researching the brand to verify that it is trusted and well-received by locals in existing markets. Additionally, franchisees should reflect on the reasons behind their loyalty to their favorite brands and apply those factors when evaluating the brand under consideration, such as experience, mission, or product. By aligning with the brand's strategy and principles, franchisees can establish a thriving and fulfilling franchise business that resonates with their target audience. Ultimately, the success of the franchise depends on the strength and appeal of the brand strategy, making it essential to thoroughly examine this aspect of the franchise opportunity.
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Brand's Legal & Financial History

Prior to purchasing a franchise, it is essential to investigate the brand's legal and financial history to ensure that it has a solid track record of ethical practices and transparency. Prospective franchisees can request financial statements for examination and research public records for any past inquiries regarding the business. Understanding the brand's financial history can help franchisees determine if the franchise opportunity is financially feasible and sustainable. Additionally, exploring the brand's legal history can assist franchisees in identifying any potential legal risks or issues that could impact the franchise's success. By conducting thorough research into a brand's legal and financial history, franchisees can make well-informed decisions about the franchise opportunity and avoid potential issues in the future.
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Marketing & Operational Support

When considering purchasing a franchise, it is essential to evaluate the marketing and operational support provided by the franchisor. A franchise should offer expertise in the business model, operations, and marketing strategy, allowing franchisees to leverage the franchisor's knowledge and experience for their own success. Prospective franchisees should inquire about the training and support they will receive both before and after launching their franchise, including ongoing assistance for marketing and operations. By understanding the extent of support provided by the franchisor, franchisees can ensure they have access to the necessary resources and expertise to establish a thriving franchise business. Ultimately, the franchise's success depends on the quality of the support provided by the franchisor, making it crucial to thoroughly evaluate this aspect of the franchise opportunity.
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Current Franchise Markets

When considering purchasing a franchise, it's essential to examine existing franchise markets to gain insights into the challenges and accomplishments encountered in individual markets. Prospective franchisees should ensure that the brand under consideration provides opportunities to connect with current franchise owners to obtain valuable insights and recommendations. Existing franchise owners can offer invaluable information on their experiences with the franchise, including challenges and triumphs, and provide insights into the local market. By comprehending the local market and learning from current franchise owners, potential franchisees can make well-informed decisions about the franchise opportunity and establish a prosperous and profitable franchise enterprise. Ultimately, the franchise's success relies on the local market and the franchisor's support, making it crucial to carefully evaluate this aspect of the franchise opportunity.
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We saw in Your Pie was a way for us to connect to our community. And make a difference in our community. It’s not just a store, it's our place. That’s what attracted us to Your Pie over and above all the other franchises we looked at.

Doug Zirbel

Your Pie Pizza Franchise
Opportunities in New York

Partnering with an experienced leadership team and leveraging the power of an established brand like Your Pie Pizza is crucial when operating a restaurant franchise in New York. Your Pie Pizza provides comprehensive organic digital marketing and a proven SEO strategy to ensure your store's brand thrives locally. Additionally, franchisees can engage with the community and participate in local initiatives, supporting charities, schools, sports events, and more.

Your Pie Pizza franchisees can host entertaining events in their stores, such as trivia nights, happy hours, live music, and karaoke, creating a welcoming environment for their customers. Your Pie Pizza encourages franchisees to collaborate with local schools, sports teams, and charities to make a positive impact on their community.

Before purchasing a franchise, it's vital to consider current and future costs, brand strategy, legal and financial history, and marketing and operational support. Your Pie Pizza equips franchisees with expertise in the business model, operations, and marketing strategy while providing ongoing assistance to help franchisees manage the complexities of business ownership.

If you're interested in opening a Your Pie Pizza franchise in New York, request more information and complete an application. You'll then have the opportunity to partake in an interview and discovery day, visit existing stores, and sign a franchise agreement. Your Pie Pizza also offers operations and business model training to assist you in successfully opening and managing your new franchise.

Frequently Asked Questions About

New York Franchise Opportunities

  1. How much support will I receive?
    Our team exists to support you. When you sign your franchise agreement, you get so much more than a restaurant—you get a franchise family, and that’s exactly how you’ll be treated. Even after your store is open, we continue to provide marketing resources, operational guidance and more to help you achieve success. Plus, each store has its own Field Support Manager who serves as your dedicated, day-to-day problem solver. Learn more.
  2. How long does it take?
    As with any restaurant franchise, there are a variety of factors that can affect an opening timeline, including site selection, build-out, permitting, staffing and more. With that in mind, most stores average around nine months between signing the agreement and opening their doors. Looking to move a bit faster? We might have an existing location available for purchase in your area. Fill out our franchising form to learn more!
  3. How much does it cost?
    The total cost per unit varies by size and location, but we estimate start-up costs to be between $364,750 to $610,000. Financing can be secured through third-party lending sources. You can find a full investment breakdown here, and we’re always happy to answer any specific questions you may have.
  4. How much control will I have?
    For a franchise brand, it’s important to maintain consistency across locations to ensure that every guest enjoys the same high-quality experience, regardless of where they visit. Consistency also helps to support brand recognition, which benefits the entire franchise system. Each Your Pie restaurant will feature the same general layout, color schemes, equipment and menu; however, our team works closely with you to localize your store as much as possible. We work to strike a perfect balance between an established, national brand and a local favorite. This goes for outreach, too. As a core value at Your Pie, our franchisees share a passion for community involvement—but they have the freedom to decide exactly what that involvement looks like in their individual market.
  5. How much money can I make?
    Franchisees are provided with benefits associated with the overarching brand, which can include the brand’s marketing strategies and research on successful business procedures. At Your Pie, franchisees pay a 5% royalty fee in exchange for Your Pie’s knowledge and licensing and a 1% contribution to the brand’s advertising fund to support marketing efforts. When evaluating franchise opportunities, royalty fees are a great indication of how much of the profits a franchisee has to give up, and how much they can expect to keep.
  6. How do you find the right location?
    With more than 70 stores across 19 states, we have an established presence but plenty of room to grow. When it comes to selecting a location, Your Pie has pre-developed methods to help determine where our brand will be most successful. We use these tools and processes as a means of protecting your franchise investment and ensuring that your location will support a thriving business. Check out our available markets map, and fill out our franchise form to get in touch about a specific market.


FRANCHISE: Licenses offered by a company, called a franchisor, to a third party, called a franchisee, which allows them to use the company’s business procedures and trademarks to conduct business.

FRANCHISOR: A company or person that allows a third party the right to use their licenses in order to conduct business under the franchisor’s trademarks.

FRANCHISEE: An individual or company that operates a franchise under a trademark by selling goods or services.

FRANCHISE FEE: An initial payment a franchisee must pay to a franchisor in order to have the right to use their company trademarks. Does not includes additional fees associated with developing a franchise such as insurance, construction, and equipment.

ROYALTY FEE: Typically a percentage of gross sales, this is an ongoing fee paid by the franchisee to the franchisor usually monthly or quarterly.

FRANCHISE AGREEMENT: The official agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties.