Listen in as Smart Franchisee podcast host Jessica talks with Scott Burr a successful Your Pie Franchisee.

Learn Why Scott Burr Flew Over 1800 Miles for a Slice of Pizza

Scott’s professional career was in golf. But as his daughters were growing up he realized he wanted to be able to spend more time with them. That’s when he decided to get into business and franchising seemed like a good fit.

So he started off on his franchise journey interested in getting into a frozen yogurt concept. After months of trying to finalize a location things just weren’t working out with the frozen yogurt concept and that’s when he was introduced to fast casual pizza.

Scott says he researched 13 different brands and tried all of their pizza, because you need to like the product you are going to be selling! There was only one problem, there was a slice he hadn’t tried yet that was all the way in Georgia, he lives in California. So like a Smart Franchisee Scott flew all the way to Atlanta for his last pizza tasting, and the rest is history.

Scott and Jessica talk about what it’s like to be the only Your Pie Franchisee in California (for now) and how he is able to keep his business profitable and growing being so far from the corporate office. They talk about the challenges Scott faced in business, the advice he would give a new franchisee, and how he hit profitability four months after opening his location.