Lisa Dimson quoted in PMQ’s Why Pizza Is the Feel-Good Food That’s Good for You

“We believe health is personal, and so is the definition of ‘healthy,’” says Lisa Dimson, chief marketing officer for Your Pie, headquartered in Atlanta. “We provide options that fit every diner’s unique needs. Whether someone is looking for gluten-free, high-protein, keto or low-fat ingredients, we want to make sure everyone is able to create and enjoy a pizza that fits their lifestyle.”

Your Pie’s website offers a nutrition calculator for every order, from calories and total fat to fiber, protein and sodium. “Our top priority is to provide a menu that caters to our customers’ specific needs, so we asked them for their feedback,” Dimson says. “We learned that sharing nutrition facts helps people make choices that best fit their unique lifestyles, which, in turn, helps us ensure that our guest experience is top-notch—and it doesn’t hurt our bottom line, either.”

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