Interested in owning a 1000 Degrees pizza franchise? Learn how it compares to Your Pie and decide which is truly the hottest investment for you.

Bringing the heat with 1000 degrees pizza

1000 Degrees Pizza was founded and has been franchising since 2014, hosting 30 locations around the country with corporate headquarters based out of New Jersey. 1000 Degrees boasts fresh-made, hand-stretched Neapolitan or Roman style dough, premium meats and cheeses, and fast cook times for their pizzas. They also offer wings, breadsticks, and build-your-own salads.

They get their name from cooking their pizzas in a 1000-degree custom Neapolitan brick oven within two minutes, offering diners both hand-tossed Neapolitan (thin crust) and Roman (thicker crust) options for one low set price.

Still a relatively young and small brand, 1000 Degrees requires net worth and liquid cash availability of its prospective franchisees, $300,000-$1,000,000 and $200,000-$400,000 respectively. After an initial franchise fee of $29,500, the initial total investment to open a 1000 Degrees pizza franchise will run between $220,650 and $784,250.

Geared toward an absentee franchise ownership model (the franchisee does not actively work in the franchise business or manage day-to-day operations), 1000 Degrees provides significantly less training than similar concepts. For prospective investors seeking a less-hands on model, this may be ideal, but for entrepreneurs looking for a hands-on approach to their new business, it may not be the right fit.

Due to its relative youth, 1000 Degrees has entered a market already steeped in robust competition. As such, location and site selection may be crucial to the success of each store. The growth of the 1000 Degrees brand will depend on its ability to adapt to the market and differentiate itself from its more established, unique competitors.

Serving up excellence with Your Pie

Your Pie wasn’t built as a franchise, but as a family-style business built around authentic Italian ingredients and practices that lent itself well to the franchising model. Conceptualized around old school recipes and family gatherings, Your Pie prioritizes exceptional quality and memorable experiences while serving up the best opportunities for prospective franchise owners.

Your Pie has been franchising since 2008, when our founder Drew French returned from his honeymoon in Ischia, Italy fueled by inspiration and delicious ideas. He had fallen in love with the region’s use of brick ovens and the smoky, hand-tossed doughs and perfectly caramelized toppings that resulted from that cooking process. It was there he also learned that sometimes the most important ingredient in a dish can be the ability to share it in a warm and wonderful environment.

Your Pie asks an initial franchise fee of $35,000 with total initial investment ranging from $364,750-$710,000. With that investment, we provide comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training, marketing expertise, and ongoing support unrivaled by our competitors. Each franchisee is treated as a member of the Your Pie family, and while you are given the independence to run your own business, you will always have our support.

Your Pie takes pride in being the nation’s first ever fast-casual pizza franchise, and therefore the ultimate pizza business opportunity. Guests enjoy the experience of customizing their own pies, choosing from a range of the freshest ingredients the market has to offer, baked atop our hand tossed pies, and served to order.

Just as we want our diners to customize their pies, we encourage our franchisees to customize their own experiences, creating spaces that are representative of their communities.

For more information about franchising opportunities with Your Pie, click here to learn more.