What Makes an Artisan Pizza Franchise Different From Other Franchises?

What qualifies a pizza restaurant as “artisan”? And how does that help it stand apart from the competition?


Back to Basics

Based on the Italian word “artigiano,” artisan originally referred to a skilled craftsman who carved or otherwise hand-made an item. The term can commonly be understood as pertaining to or noting a high-quality or distinctive product, usually made in small quantities, by hand or with some other traditional methods employed. You’ll hear the term often in reference to various crafts, but especially food. Artisan cheese, artisan breweries and, oh yes—artisan pizza.

Opinions vary on when pizza was first invented, but however many hundreds of years ago it first became a beloved food, it was always made entirely by hand. Before the convenience of machines or baking devices, every pizza was lovingly hand-made through every step of the process. Nowadays, we are able to mass produce and efficiently create, cook and deliver identical pizzas almost anywhere in the world. But through that process, a little bit of the magic gets lost. Your Pie offers authentic, artisanal pizzas made by hand that deliver not just on quality and flavor, but a true sense of originality.


Hands-On Quality & Creative Freedom

At Your Pie, artisan means staying true to the ingredients and the original experience of enjoying a homemade pizza with friends and family. Doughs are always made from scratch and hand-tossed, topped with the freshest customizable ingredients sourced from the highest quality providers, and then baked to perfection in our traditional wood-fired brick ovens. At Your Pie, the perfect pizza is an art and an unforgettable experience.

High-capacity machines are designed to churn out products at a rapid pace, and sometimes quality can get lost in favor of quantity. A machine cannot choose the ingredients or prepare the dough to all standards, leaving no room for creativity or ingenuity in the pizza-making process. No two chefs are created alike, so each pizza prepared at Your Pie is custom-made with authenticity for each and every diner to enjoy.


Imitations Need Not Apply

There is a growing interest in artisan producers around the world. While customers seek convenience and affordability, we also crave foods and other products that are directly tied to tradition and authenticity. Some brands attempt to capitalize on this desire without delivering the goods. Everyone from Tostito’s to Starbucks to Domino’s have been quick to apply the label to their products to entice customers.

Your Pie makes good on its promise by preparing and baking artisan pizzas right before your eyes. Your Pie preserves tradition by engaging both the customers and pizzaiolos (pizza makers) in the process.


The Real Deal with Your Pie

The Your Pie origin story is in keeping with our commitment to authenticity and tradition. Back in 2006, Drew French was visiting his wife’s family in Ischia, a small volcanic island located 19 miles from the city of Naples, He fell in love with the region’s use of brick ovens and the perfectly-crisp doughs and smoky, earthy flavors that came out of it. He learned firsthand how enjoying a fresh, homemade meal with friends and family can oftentimes be the most important ingredient in any dish. So inspired, he took the humbling experience home with him, built a plan, and opened the first Your Pie pizzeria two years later.

Your Pie is proud to uphold tradition while fostering a joyful, communal pizza dining experience. Just like in Italy, food and family come first at Your Pie. Our passion for elevating communities by changing the way people experience pizza can be seen and tasted in each of our locations.

If you would like to learn more about opening a Your Pie restaurant in your area, please visit us.