Papa Murphy’s or Your Pie? Brick Oven or No Oven?

What makes a Papa Murphy’s franchise different from a Your Pie Pizza franchise? Let’s break down the pros and cons of a take-and-bake versus brick oven pizza franchise.

Papa Murphy’s: Take and Bake

Papa Murphy’s is a Vancouver, Washington-based pizza franchise company that started in 1981. With annual revenues of nearly $800 million and more than 1,500 stores (most of them franchises), the chain has won several industry awards.

Operators of a Papa Murphy’s franchise feature take and bake pizza, salads, desserts and other related products. Patrons can customize their own pizzas, take them home, and bake their pizzas fresh in their ovens at their convenience.

In late April 2020, Papa Murphy’s announced that it was partnering with No Kid Hungry to feed children in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the many kids across the nation who are losing essential meals because of school closures.

Fresh From the Brick Oven

Pizza connoisseurs know that there is something special about a pizza cooked in a traditional wood-fired brick oven—a quality our home ovens simply can’t replicate. What is it that makes a brick oven so much better than one cooked in a home oven?

A pizza cooks simultaneously from above and below—the dough via thermal conduction from the bottom of the oven and the toppings by thermal radiation from the air. For the perfect pizza, the process must balance the two so that the dough and the toppings finish cooking at the same time. For that, they need to get the oven temperature right.

In Rome, the original pizza bakers—pizzaiolos—say that the optimal temperature for cooking in a brick oven is 330 degrees Celsius (625 F), much hotter than what can be achieved in a conventional oven. The high temperature, combined with the thermodynamic properties of the bricks themselves, is the secret to cooking the perfect pizza.

Cooking a pizza in a home oven is much less predictable. You risk the chance of overcooking the dough, undercooking the toppings, or vice versa.

Your Pie: Fresh Ingredients, Fresh Concept

Your Pie is rooted in authentic family recipes and Italian culture that helped lay the foundation for our processes and exceptional quality. We continue to grow our brand with new ingredients, innovative recipes, and endless choices, creating a pizza experience with traditional roots but a unique style all its own.

Your Pie is not just the first fast-casual pizza franchise ever, but also one of the fastest-growing. Guests enjoy the experience of customizing their own pies, choosing from a range of the freshest ingredients to top hand-tossed dough, baked in our brick ovens and served to order.

Just as we want you to customize your pies, we encourage our franchisees to customize their store’s design to suit their local markets, creating spaces that are representative of their communities.
Our mission is to be a globally admired brand by creating a culture that improves the lives of the Your Pie family through a dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and community.

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