Why Craft Beer and Brick Oven Pizza is a Match Made in Franchise Heaven

Craft beer and pizza are a perfect match. They also combine to make the perfect franchise. See why craft beer and handcrafted pizza go so well together.

For The Love of Craft Beer

Accounts vary, but it’s safe to say that mainstream U.S. craft beer started coming into favor in the 1960s, increasing in popularity with homebrewing and microbreweries over the following decades. Folks appreciate craft beer for the opportunity to try something new and unique while imbibing with friends.

A small handful of companies seemingly dominate beer sales, both domestically and abroad, but for beer lovers seeking something different than the usual, craft beer provides a plethora of different flavors, locales, and histories. Customers gravitate toward craft beer franchises that appeal to their desire for authenticity and home-spun back stories. The demand for craft brews is driven by consumers’ demand for fuller flavor, greater variety, and the growing urge to support local, sustainable small businesses.

Craft beer franchises focus on tastes that are underrepresented in the larger beer market. Big name breweries forego burgeoning palates in favor of mass-appeal standbys. Funkier options like Indian Pale Ales and sours have taken off with the craft movement, opening up options for drinkers and diners to make more interesting choices.

Pizza and Beer

Think of burgers and fries. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Peanut butter and jelly. The relationship between pizza and beer is a natural one. Who among us hasn’t shared pitchers and slices at the local bowling alley? But the relationship between authentic, hand-made pizza and purposefully selected craft beer is an elevation of a winning combination.

Craft beer and artisan pizza are fun, shareable, craveable, and have the ability to enhance and play off of each other’s flavors in endless combinations. The idea of pairing foods with wine is well-established, but matching craft beers with pizza flavors is a new and exciting concept. For much of American history, ales and pilsners have been at the forefront. While these beers go great with a lot of different foods, they’re not always the best match for some of the more adventurous pizza recipes out there.

Good news for pizza lovers and franchisees: the craft brewing explosion has given rise to a creativity in pizza pairings. Some of the pairings are so spot-on, it’s hard not to imagine craft brewers sitting around the table trying out different combinations with different cheesy, crusty options. Today, it’s easy to find light, crisp beers to match with lighter, less dense pizzas or dark stouts that match up well with hearty pies.

Craft Beer Franchises & Your Pie: A Most Delicious Pairing

Your Pie Pizza franchises and the craft beer scene in the United States have grown together since 2008. In a world of “big box” brands, craft beer sought to innovate much like Your Pie—by highlighting community, culture, and craftsmanship to connect with people in a new way with new flavor combinations. Each Your Pie hand selects the brews offered, making the beer list at all locations unique.

If you’re enjoying one our lighter signature pies or you concocted your own pizza that is topped with crisp, fresh veggies and maybe even some chicken, stick with a zesty pilsner, pale ale, or even a sour beer. The effervescence and mild flavor of a pilsner is a great all-around beer to match with pizza, while the slight bitterness of a pale is a great contrast, and sours make for an amazing enhancement of flavors.

A meaty pizza may call for a robust stout or porter so none of the flavors lose impact. Or a nice, hoppy IPA may play off the richness of a heartier pizza. Either way, diners are in for a treat with Your Pie’s hand-crafted pies and well-selected craft brews.

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