6 Ideas to Improve Pizza Sales

Looking to improve sales at your pizza franchise? There are all kinds of ideas to retain loyal diners, bring in new customers, and increase sales. Here are some ideas to get you cooking.


Team Up With Local Businesses

Develop relationships with the other businesses around your pizza restaurant. Offer their employees neighborhood discounts to entice them to visit your business regularly and spread the word to their own customers who ask about great dining options in the area.


Develop A Loyalty Program

One great way to keep customers coming back is to reward them with loyalty benefits, allowing them to accrue points or some other type of incentive to thank them for their continued support of your pizza joint. These programs can be run directly from your business’s website or through a handy digital app, making it fun and convenient for customers to track their rewards.


Appeal To Customers On A Personal Level

Consider the shops, restaurants, and other businesses that you like to frequent as a customer. It is likely that these places have become familiar haunts not just for their winning products, but for their top-notch and consistent customer service.

It goes beyond a marketing technique, but by training your staff to always provide smiling greetings and friendly service, you make a lasting impression on customers that will keep them coming back for more of a good thing, at a restaurant where they know to always expect a warm welcome.


Reach Out To The Community

Folks tend to revisit businesses that prioritize a true commitment to the community, in addition to offering delicious food, particularly in times of crisis or need. Pizzerias that view their communities as an extended family and act accordingly, whether through local toy drives, school fundraisers, or the like can forge bonds with both existing and prospective customers by proving their promise of service.


Provide Options

Even the most beloved menu needs to be adapted and reconfigured from time to time to keep up with trends and pique customer interest. By allotting limited time offers (LTOs), seasonal items, and special promotions, loyal customers will try new things and first-time customers will let their curiosity lead them through your doors.

LTOs are a great way to generate interest during both high and low seasons, providing an opportunity to promote something fresh and new for everyone to get excited about. The right menu upgrade will have everyone talking, especially if it includes a specific, trending flavor profile or seasonal ingredient.


Deliver A Dynamic Concept

Pizza restaurants are a dime a dozen, so one essential way to attract and retain customers is by offering a menu of food choices they cannot find anywhere else. Your Pie Pizza is the first ever fast-casual pizza franchise, founded in 2008 on the inspiration of fresh, made-to-order brick-oven baked pizza.

Just as Your Pie founder Drew French fell in love with the homestyle pizza of his wife’s family’s home in Ischia, Italy, Your Pie customers and prospective franchise owners have fallen in love with the brand’s commitment to those flavors and the sense of community the brand strives to deliver.

Your Pie is unlike any other pizza franchise, attracting customers far and wide for its delectable take on a variety of both traditional and innovative menu options meant to be enjoyed with friends and family in a fun and dynamic environment.

Your Pie franchise owners benefit from the input and support of a brand committed to growth and innovation in the recession-resistant world of pizza and family tradition.

To learn more about franchising with Your Pie, please visit us.