Why Fast Fired & Brick Oven Pizza is Taking Over

Fast fired and brick oven pizza fits perfectly into the fast casual dining sector because it is speedy, delicious, and fun! Here are some things you need to know about how and why the concept is taking over.

A Delicious Trend That’s Here to Stay

Once upon a time, customers only had a handful of pizza chains to choose from, all offering similar, generic styles with few (if any) unique, customizable options. The new wave of fast fired pizza franchises cater to customers’ expanding and curious palates, while still producing pies quickly, satiating taste buds and hungry bellies, alike.

Customizable menus are where it’s at in all fast casual restaurant categories, and pizza restaurants present the perfect canvas on which diners to create their own delicious masterpieces. Unlike the massive chains, fast fired pizza franchises present customers with the opportunity to see a range of fresh, authentic ingredients be added atop hand-tossed dough, then watch it go in and out of the oven in under three minutes.

Accessible Authenticity

Brick ovens have been used to cook all types of cuisine for thousands of years. Since 2008, Your Pie has optimized the style to provide fast fired brick oven pizza to a growing number of hungry customers who desire both speed and true Italian flavors delivered in a fun and vibrant setting at a reasonable price.

Both pizza scholars and newer fans can appreciate the unmatched flavor and quality of a pizza cooked in a traditional wood-fired brick oven, something most modern-day delivery chains simply cannot fake. Between the unique flavor, fast cooking time and ease of service—Your Pie ovens can cook 25 pizzas at once, or over 120 per hour—the brick oven is a star player for a fast fired pizza franchise.

Watching your pizza pushed into the brick oven uncooked then emerge with bubbling cheese and perfectly toasted crust is certainly a sight to behold! Customers of all backgrounds and dining preferences can appreciate the sights, smells, and flavors that a brick oven pizza franchise provides.

Your Pie: A Slice Above

In a dining category with increasingly limitless options, Your Pie was the first fast casual pizza restaurant of its kind. After falling in love with the rustic and traditional Italian flavors of Ischia while on his honeymoon, Your Pie founder Drew French knew he had to find a way to combine those authentic delights with a fun, convenient dining experience for stateside pizza lovers. As a result, Your Pie has been winning franchise awards and customer loyalty since 2008.

The brick oven operates as the multi-purpose heart of the restaurant, with the ability to cook everything from custom-made pizzas to freshly built paninis and more. While pizza is at the core of what we do, Your Pie is proud to continue innovating its menu offerings to provide customers a range of dining possibilities unlike any other restaurant in town.

With existing locations in 16 states and growing, Your Pie seeks new franchisees who aspire to embrace the traditions, authentic flavors, and emphasis on quality that make great pizza truly memorable along with the innovations and adaptability that make a fast casual restaurant thrive. If you are interested in learning more about franchising opportunities with Your Pie, we look forward to hearing from you!