Your Pie to Implement New Learning Management System

Interactive Platform Will Be Used to Train All Restaurant and Corporate Staff

Athens, Georgia (October 19, 2020) – Your Pie, the nation’s first fast-casual pizza franchise, announced it will be incorporating a new learning management system (LMS) to train restaurant team members and corporate employees throughout the company.

The new online platform, which will be integrated later this month, was developed by the Your Pie support center, an internal training committee consisting of six current franchisees and outside vendor World Manager, a leading LMS software provider. Training will initially be focused on the team member level before being directed to corporate employees in the coming months.

The new learning management system will be available via an internal website or app, providing greater accessibility for team members to use on their desktop computer, phone or tablet at any time. The digital platform introduces the Your Pie brand standards and practices to all employees with greater efficiency and consistency in its instruction.

The LMS features instructional slides, interactive videos and a chat forum that can provide direct communication between the training team and staff members. After the employees view the content, they are quizzed on what they just learned, and the training team can gauge their retention and provide them with immediate feedback.

The instruction takes place in short sessions of less than five minutes to keep team members engaged while not taking extended time away from their daily responsibilities in the restaurant. The training team has currently developed approximately 15 sessions and will continue to update and add new content for all team members, management and corporate executives.

“We believe the new learning management system will be a tremendous training platform and valuable resource for every member throughout the Your Pie system,” said Your Pie CEO Dave McDougall. “Our goal was to digitize our training materials and have greater efficiency and consistency with the instruction. This interactive platform is an engaging training tool that is easily digestible and enables us to provide increased communication with all members in our system.”

The LMS will be beneficial for Your Pie franchisees throughout their tenure, starting with their own training when they enter the system. The platform will save time and expenses on instruction for new staff. It will also help employees feel more engaged with the brand and is expected to increase employee retention while reducing the cost of staff turnover.

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