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Your Passion, Our Pizza
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Over 70 restaurant locations across 16 states and counting.

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Several new locations currently in development.

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Rated one of the best values in Franchising by QSR Magazine.

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Authentic, Italian-inspired, brick-oven pizza and craft beer.

Pizza Franchises for Sale in Louisiana

Pizza franchises for sale in Louisiana catches the attention of many because the state presents its unique opportunities and challenges for potential entrepreneurs. Louisiana, known for its rich cultural blend and vivacious spirit, boasts a population that appreciates flavorful and hearty foods. The pizza industry, while not as iconic as their po'boys or gumbo, has room for growth, especially in the franchise domain. General business success in Louisiana is often dictated by understanding local tastes and customs. The state's GDP reflects a diversified economy, where the food and beverage sector holds significant weight, given the culinary reputation of the region. Locals have high expectations for food and beverage quality, deeply influenced by the state's French, Spanish, and African roots, making customizable personal pizzas a great option for anyone to add their favorite ingredients. Embracing the spirit of Southern hospitality, any successful venture must prioritize exceptional customer service and create a welcoming atmosphere. For those considering pizza franchises for sale in Louisiana, markets like River Ridge, Estelle, and Harahan might be promising, balancing between sizable demand and lower operational costs compared to larger cities like New Orleans.

Few meals have been able to garner as much love as pizzas since this dish crossed onto our shores from Southwest Italy decades ago. Today, it barely matters if you are on the East Coast, West Coast, or sitting somewhere in-between, you will likely find a dedicated pizza lover if you go looking hard enough. This endless and universal love for pizzas within our country is one of the core reasons our team at Your Pie Pizza has continued to push forward on our journey to bring pizzas to as many hands as possible with our unique Louisiana franchise opportunities. Since 2008, we have launched over 70 fantastic restaurants, bringing the joy of oven-cooked pizzas to thousands of mouths along the way. Today, Your Pie stands out as one of the best pizza franchise opportunities in the country, with our restaurants stretching across 16 different states. If you are passionate about pizza and have been searching for pizza franchises for sale, don't hesitate to inquire about our restaurant franchise opportunities.

Your Pie Pizza sits tall on five core pillars of success that have kept us stable through the years and allowed us to withstand powerful winds and storms that blew others away. These core values have provided a solid base for all our franchisees while also helping contribute to our ever-growing strength and popularity. If you are an entrepreneur from Louisiana seeking pizza franchises for sale and believe you can bring the joys of pizzas to one of our growth markets locations, such as Laplace, River Ridge, or Estelle, please fill out our form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Your Pie Pizza Franchise


Take a look at our restaurant business franchise model to learn about how franchising works!

YourPie Fanchising Model in Louisiana

Getting Started

The first stage of restaurant franchise opportunities is always tremendously exciting, as it serves as the start of a long and fruitful journey with us at Your Pie Pizza. In this stage, you can expect to sign our agreement, receive rights from us to kickstart a new location, and pay your initial fee.


We will always believe in long-term preparation at Your Pie Pizza for our Louisiana franchise opportunities. Once we see that you are an ideal candidate, we will send a development team to help guide you on this gripping journey. This team will use their expertise to help you with permission, staffing, and selecting a viable site.


Your Pie Pizza customers always expect a high standard regardless of which of our doors they walk through. Our training serves as a guide to help you understand what it takes to pursue our pizza franchise opportunities and what day-to-day operations you need to carry out once you open your doors.

Soft Opening

The last thing we want to do is throw you into the deep end of our restaurant franchise opportunities and hope you can swim. You can expect a three-day soft opening to help you test the waters. It also allows your staff to practice and gives you a chance to fundraise for a local charity and bond with the community.

Grand Opening

You should always be proud of the grand opening once it rolls around, as it officially signifies taking advantage of our pizza franchise opportunities. While we expect you to carry out the day-to-day operations, you can still count on our operational and marketing team if you run into any roadblocks.

Our Passion For Pizza + People

We're committed to quality and the Your Pie Family.

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Benefits of Your Pie Pizza Franchise Opportunities

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Brand Recognition

Familiarity will always play a crucial role when picking what restaurant to dine in. At Your Pie Pizza, we have spent years ensuring that we remain one of the most recognizable pizza franchises for sale in the country. This level of brand recognition means that our franchisees can automatically gain customers’ trust from day one, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition. If you have been searching for restaurant franchise opportunities that provide you with the base of a strong brand name, we suggest looking no further than our options.

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Your Support Team

At Your Pie Pizza, we understand that no successful restaurant is a one-person ship. Instead, several hands band together to help steer the business in the right direction. After pursuing Your Pie’s pizza franchise opportunities, you will automatically gain access to our tremendously experienced team to aid you in marketing, PR, technology, training, and operations. This team will remain at your side through thick and thin and will always be ready to provide any support for you if you need it before, during, and after launching your pizza franchise for sale.

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Growth Opportunities

Your Pie Pizza always leaves room for those seeking pizza franchises for sale to grow at Your Pie Pizza. Once you have been heading one of our locations for a while and have seen significant success, we may invite you to take advantage of our multi-ownership program and set up shop elsewhere. This growth opportunity system allows you to boost your total revenue and bring the joys of our pizzas to new customers and markets. If you have been searching for a restaurant franchise opportunity that allows you to expand over time, please do not hesitate to inquire.

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Our Core Values

We always credit our pizza franchise opportunity success so far to our core values which help guide all our franchisees through highs and lows. These values center around the local community, delivering quality oven-cooked pizzas, and focusing on people instead of profit. These principles mean that Your Pie Pizza is more than just a restaurant in the places where we choose to set up shop, but also an integral part of the community. Feel free to inquire if you are a pizza-passionate entrepreneur and have been searching for a pizza franchise for sale.

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Successful Restaurant Models

The aesthetic of a restaurant will always play a significant role in how people view it. At Your Pie Pizza, all who succeed with opening a Louisiana franchise opportunity have access to a complete plan and layout that utilizes modern architecture to create an inviting and welcoming space. This building model provides enough flexibility and freedom to make changes and customizations that seamlessly fit into the local community. We always encourage our franchisees to think about the local context when speaking with our development team in the early restaurant design stages.

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Exceptional Brick Oven Pizza

It’s impossible to speak about Your Pie Pizza without mentioning our renowned brick oven pizza. This dish has been able to draw in people from across the country and create lifelong customers that will always walk in when they see a Your Pie Pizza. As a franchisee, you automatically become associated with the best-tasting pizza franchise opportunity in your community or city, allowing you to stand out and remain miles ahead of the competition. If you have been seeking pizza franchises for sale in Louisiana with the best-tasting pizza franchise you can find, we’re here for you.

From my experience as the Vice President of Franchise Development at Your Pie Pizza, the paramount consideration in franchising isn’t solely about profitability—it’s aligning passion with our brand’s mission. The most successful franchisees are those who not only understand our business model, but wholeheartedly embrace the Your Pie culture, fostering a unique, enjoyable pizza experience for every customer.

– Ken Caldwell, Vice President of Franchise Development

“When you look at our customers, they are people looking for something different, and they enjoy new things and like to buy local, which we are proud to get behind.”

  • Paul Childers
Paul Childers

Our Ideal Franchise Candidate

Your Pie Pizza franchisees can consistently expect to be around pizza ovens, dishes, and meals. This constant access to pizza means that all our franchisees must have a crucial passion for delivering high-quality pizzas to customers. Once you satisfy all our requirements and show that you are pizza-passionate, our team will focus on using their expertise to ensure that you succeed. All our prospects seeking pizza franchises for sale in Louisiana can expect to receive a high level of support from us immediately after signing their initial agreement. This assistance includes helping you with operations and marketing support, PR campaigns, and helping you land on your feet once you kick open your doors for the first time. Afterward, you can still reach out to our team at any time if you have any challenges, and we will do everything we can to provide more support. To find out if you are a good candidate for our pizza franchise opportunities in Louisiana, review our ideal factors below.

What to Consider Before Investing in a


One of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they believe that any pizza franchise opportunity is a profitable venture. However, this could not be further from the case. Before investing in a restaurant franchise opportunity, we suggest conducting ample research and exploring various factors, such as their ethical history. At Your Pie Pizza, we only kickstarted our franchise journey after we were confident that there was a strong desire for oven-baked pizzas. Since we decided to kickstart our franchise model and make our pizza franchise opportunities available in Louisiana, we have seen tremendously positive results and now have over 70 locations throughout the country.

Current & Future Costs

Knowing how much it would cost to get the keys to a pizza franchise opportunity is always easy enough. Unfortunately, most franchisees do not look forward and often find themselves in a rut a few months down the line. Before investing in a pizza franchise for sale in Louisiana, make sure you ask about what the potential costs will be while running the franchise. Once you become familiar with this information, you should have a clearer picture of whether to make the purchase.
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Brand Strategy

Although you own the keys to the pizza franchise opportunity location, you must remember that you and the franchisor have an unbreakable link. You should always look into the brand's current strategy to confirm if it aligns with your personal goals. For example, if you discover that people in existing markets do not trust a franchise you want, we suggest looking elsewhere. Alternatively, you should inquire as soon as possible if you find the franchisor has a good history of delivering popular restaurants people are eager to visit.
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Brand's Legal and Financial History

Your restaurant can only be as popular as your franchisor. Before putting your ink on the dotted line, carry out extensive research about their ethical practices and how transparent they have been in the past. We also suggest asking the franchisor for any public financial statements. This data should provide good insight into how they run their company and how much money you can expect when taking advantage of a pizza franchise opportunity. If you discover they are not in good financial health, we suggest staying as far away from them as possible.
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Marketing and Operational Support

There is hardly anything worse than a franchisor who leaves you the keys and waves you goodbye. Investing in a restaurant franchise opportunity has a learning curve, and we always expect any new franchisee to make mistakes. You should be able to fall back on an operational team that can help train and guide you in challenging moments. If a franchisor says they will not be providing any training, you may want to look at alternative markets. Also, ask about the provision of a marketing team that will help you acquire new customers.
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Current Franchise Markets

The clearest picture you can get about a pizza franchise opportunity is by looking at its current performance. When most franchisees are crushing the competition in similar markets, you should expect the same in yours. Before shaking hands with a franchisor, ask them about their current performance and listen for an honest answer. Alternatively, you can also inquire about connecting with one of their franchisees to gain a personal experience of the challenges, processes, and successes you may experience as their partner.
Your Pie Pizza Restaurant Franchise Opportunity Graphic

Pizza Industry

The pizza industry in Louisiana, much like its diverse culture and cuisine, offers a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. While the state is predominantly known for its traditional dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, and beignets, pizza has carved out its niche, resonating with both locals and tourists. However, investing in a pizza franchise opportunity in Louisiana requires a deep understanding of the market dynamics in the state. Factors like the rich culinary heritage, strong competition, and local tastes can greatly influence the success of a pizza venture. Before investing in a restaurant franchise opportunity, it's crucial to evaluate the current condition of the industry, understanding local preferences, and identifying potential gaps or niches. Doing so ensures that the investment is not just following a trend, but is based on informed decisions that can stand the test of time in the vibrant Louisiana market.

When my partner, Doug, and I found Your Pie, we immediately liked the team. They really care and want to grow the people that work for them, so it’s really rewarding to share those successes as a team. We’ve been in the restaurant industry for more than 40 years now and found the key to a successful franchise is providing customer satisfaction with great service and quality products. If you’re thinking of starting a franchise, Your Pie makes it easy with the family-friendly concept, great service, simple menus, and quality ingredients.

Dan  Sacco

Your Pie Pizza Franchise
Opportunities in Louisiana

Your Pie Pizza is always looking for pizza-passionate entrepreneurs who are seeking pizza franchises for sale in Louisiana and who can take the bold steps of bringing the beauty of oven-cooked pizzas to new markets. If you decide to partner with us to deliver a Your Pie Pizza to one of our potential Louisiana markets, you can leverage our brand name to stand ahead of the competition.

Our high level of brand recognition gives you a restaurant franchise opportunity that marks you as one of the largest pizza restaurants in the community before even opening your doors. Our pizze franchsise opportunities also take advantage of our operational and marketing team with the single goal of bringing you as much success as possible. You can expect this team to help you train employees and use their proven SEO strategy to help ensure your customer acquisition process is seamless.

What are you waiting for? If you have been looking for pizza franchise opportunities in Louisiana, please make an inquiry by filling out our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If we believe you are an ideal candidate, we will begin the process of inviting you for a discovery day for our pizza franchises for sale in Louisiana.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Louisiana Franchise Opportunities

  1. How much support will I receive?

    Our team exists to support you. When you sign your franchise agreement, you get so much more than a restaurant—you get a franchise family, and that’s exactly how you’ll be treated. Even after your store is open, we continue to provide marketing resources, operational guidance and more to help you achieve success. Plus, each store has its own Field Support Manager who serves as your dedicated, day-to-day problem solver. Learn more.
  2. How long does it take?

    As with any restaurant franchise, there are a variety of factors that can affect an opening timeline, including site selection, build-out, permitting, staffing and more. With that in mind, most stores average around nine months between signing the agreement and opening their doors. Looking to move a bit faster? We might have an existing location available for purchase in your area. Fill out our franchising form to learn more!
  3. How much does it cost?

    The total cost per unit varies by size and location, but we estimate start-up costs to be between $364,750 to $610,000. Financing can be secured through third-party lending sources. You can find a full investment breakdown here, and we’re always happy to answer any specific questions you may have.
  4. How much control will I have?

    For a franchise brand, it’s important to maintain consistency across locations to ensure that every guest enjoys the same high-quality experience, regardless of where they visit. Consistency also helps to support brand recognition, which benefits the entire franchise system. Each Your Pie restaurant will feature the same general layout, color schemes, equipment and menu; however, our team works closely with you to localize your store as much as possible. We work to strike a perfect balance between an established, national brand and a local favorite. This goes for outreach, too. As a core value at Your Pie, our franchisees share a passion for community involvement—but they have the freedom to decide exactly what that involvement looks like in their individual market.
  5. How much money can I make?

    Franchisees are provided with benefits associated with the overarching brand, which can include the brand’s marketing strategies and research on successful business procedures. At Your Pie, franchisees pay a 5% royalty fee in exchange for Your Pie’s knowledge and licensing and a 1% contribution to the brand’s advertising fund to support marketing efforts. When evaluating franchise opportunities, royalty fees are a great indication of how much of the profits a franchisee has to give up, and how much they can expect to keep.
  6. How do you find the right location?

    With more than 70 stores across 16 states, we have an established presence but plenty of room to grow. When it comes to selecting a location, Your Pie has pre-developed methods to help determine where our brand will be most successful. We use these tools and processes as a means of protecting your franchise investment and ensuring that your location will support a thriving business. Check out our available markets map, and fill out our franchise form to get in touch about a specific market.


FRANCHISE: Licenses offered by a company, called a franchisor, to a third party, called a franchisee, which allows them to use the company’s business procedures and trademarks to conduct business.

FRANCHISOR: A company or person that allows a third party the right to use their licenses in order to conduct business under the franchisor’s trademarks.

FRANCHISEE: An individual or company that operates a franchise under a trademark by selling goods or services.

FRANCHISE FEE: An initial payment a franchisee must pay to a franchisor in order to have the right to use their company trademarks. Does not includes additional fees associated with developing a franchise such as insurance, construction, and equipment.

ROYALTY FEE: Typically a percentage of gross sales, this is an ongoing fee paid by the franchisee to the franchisor usually monthly or quarterly.

FRANCHISE AGREEMENT: The official agreement between the franchisor and the franchisee that outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties.