Today on The Smart Franchisee podcast host Jessica sits down with Arnie and Jenna Seyden who share their experience owning a Your Pie Franchise.

For Franchisees Arnie and Jenna, It’s a Family Affair.

Arnie and Jenna have been married for the past 29 years, and what’s even more incredible is that they have been in business together for all 29 years. Arnie and Jenna worked together in the special event industry, Arnie worked on operations and sales and Jenna focused on bookkeeping and operations. After selling that business, they decided they wanted to make their next venture a family affair.

Arnie and Jenna have three kids who were all working in the food service industry. Their daughter was the GM at a pizza restaurant and realized her experience would be really beneficial in starting their own food business. That’s where franchising and Your Pie came into the picture.

They purchased three territories. Their first location opened in January of 2019. They have plans to have their second location open in the spring of 2020 and their third in 2021. And that’s just the start for them.

Arnie and Jenna shared with Jessica what it’s like to be in business with their children, what their experience was like as first time franchisees, the challenges they faced and recommendations for new franchisees.