Why Buy a Pizza Franchise vs. Starting an Independent Pizzeria?

If you’ve decided to open your own pizza restaurant, the next step is deciding between franchise and independent. There are pros and cons to each, so it’s important to figure out which business model will work best for you.


Going the Independent Route

Pizza restaurants are everywhere in America, and for every pizza franchise location, you are likely to come across an independent or “mom and pop” shop nearby. In 2020, there were 78,092 pizza restaurants in the United States, around 53 percent of which were independent pizzerias.

Like other restaurant categories, independent pizzerias are typically run by a single individual or small group, like a family. Franchises operate within a larger system and a proven business model that is consistent across the brand.

Independent pizzeria owners have more freedom to direct their business as they see fit. This includes having the final say on everything from menu changes to hours of operation to building signage to décor to employee uniforms. While having this independence has its advantages, it also requires a lot of work and creativity without the navigation and support from others. Franchisees’ business operations are standardized to match all other locations under the brand, and legally binding contracts prevent owners from implementing any changes that veer off course.

Because independent owners retain all creative control, this route is can sometimes be appealing to those who have extensive experience in the industry and a strong vision for their restaurant concept. Without the guidance and structure of a franchise system, you will celebrate your triumphs and face your challenges without a safety network.


Joining a Franchise

When you buy a pizza franchise, first and foremost, you are buying a brand. Franchises have spent a lot of time, money and energy building a reputation, which is something investors will benefit from the minute they open their doors. Because of this, it’s important to find a brand whose values and goals align with your own so that you are proud to represent the franchise.

Unlike independent pizzerias, franchises have higher success rates because they are backed by a proven model. While initial franchise fees and ongoing payments may seem intimidating, owners benefit from the transparency and consistency provided by the franchise system over the long haul.

Franchisees are responsible for running day-to-day operations, just like independent owners, but they have the advantage of receiving ongoing support with everything from marketing to training, menu items, community outreach, and more.

For prospective restauranteurs with a love of food and a passion for customer service but without much experience in the industry, a franchise offers an established business model and support system to walk them through the startup process and lead them down the road to success.


Which is Right for You?

Still on the fence? We may be slightly biased, but Your Pie offers prospective pizzeria owners the best of both worlds. As a restaurant concept, Your Pie lets diners customize their pizzas with the freshest ingredients in a fun and vibrant setting. This level of creativity and engagement, not to mention the delicious pie, is unlike any other dining experience. Your Pie enthusiasts are created every day, fostering ongoing relationships and sustainable success.

Just as dining at Your Pie is a collaborative experience, so is the relationship between executive leadership and franchisee teams. Through every step of the way, Your Pie provides unparalleled support with training, advertising, restaurant design, and more. As a franchise, Your Pie is unique in its personalized and enthusiastic approach to the restaurant experience, for both customers and franchisees.

With more than 80 locations nationwide, Your Pie is excited to grow with like-minded pizza lovers who are interested in bringing our authentic brand of Italian family-style dining into their communities. Visit us if you’d like to learn more.