The Global Pizza Market: Current Trends & Future Outlook

Almost everyone loves pizza and investing in a pizza business can be quite lucrative. Learn more about the global pizza market and what you can expect in the future.

A Look Ahead

After another strange and tumultuous year for the restaurant industry, the demand for pizza is as high as ever. In August 2021, QSR magazine hailed “the invincibility of the pizza industry” as a category that has not only kept pace with previous years but accelerated its momentum. Experts predict that the global pizza market will keep growing, reaching $141.1 billion in sales in 2022, a 6.7% increase. ‘

With all the changes the restaurant industry has gone through over the past couple of years, the future is still bright for prospective restauranteurs, particularly those seeking to partner with a franchise whose emphasis on innovation and sustainability is at the heart of their business operations. The right franchise provides the backing of a proven concept and a network of experts and fellow franchisees to bring you into the fray. Additionally, winning pizza franchises for sale in Louisiana have weathered the storm where independent pizzerias have unfortunately been less successful.

A Sensory Experience

With so many options available, the pizza concepts that will continue to stand out will include premium products and a personalized experience, even if it’s being provided through carryout or delivery. Ingredients and options that push the envelope and tantalize the senses will be something every guest is looking for, creating memorable experiences that will have them coming back for more.

The communal experience of sharing a meal with friends and family in a fun and bustling environment is something diners around the globe have all but missed over the past couple of years, and something everyone will be looking to take advantage of more, for years to come.

What’s Cooking For the Future

Technology and innovation will continue to shape the global pizza market moving forward. From ghost kitchens to integrated third party delivery capabilities to customer preference tracking and more, pizzerias will continue looking for new and different ways to best serve their customers and build their business.

While some chains shift toward robotic automation to prepare and serve their pizzas, nothing beats the authenticity of fresh, hand-selected ingredients prepared to order and cooked to perfection in a brick oven. For this reason, franchises like Your Pie will continue to provide the dining experience that can’t be matched through hands-off technology.

While the changing rules and regulations around indoor dining have stymied many restaurants, Your Pie has the resources available to help franchisees stay ahead of the curve, always prioritizing the quality of our food and the guest’s experience whether through increased digital marketing efforts, enhanced curbside pickup and delivery services, or the addition of family meal specials and take-and-bake options. The Your Pie experience will always be at its best when we can interact with our guests in-house, but when that isn’t available or inconvenient, we provide a range of options to keep everyone satisfied.

The Future is Bright With Your Pie

Founded in 2008, Your Pie has always been at the forefront of the pizza industry, highlighting fresh, authentic, and handmade ingredients while providing a customizable dining experience that can’t be beat. As the nation’s first and fastest-growing fast casual pizza franchise, Your Pie gives both customers and franchisees the experience they’ve been craving.

During one of the most difficult years for restaurants on record, Your Pie was named as one of QSR magazine’s “10 Best Franchise Deals of 2020” thanks to our unique concept, low start-up costs, and loyalty to our franchisees. In the years to come, Your Pie looks forward to growing with current and new franchisees by providing unparalleled support, next-level marketing assistance, and a combination of innovation and authenticity.

Now is the perfect time to explore your franchise opportunities with Your Pie.